The foundations of Leichhardt’s life as a researcher and discoverer were built in his place of birth, Trebatsch, in the more than 1,000 year old St. Mary’s Church (Marienkirche) in Zaue, where he was educated by the legendary pastor Rödelius, as well as in Cottbus, where he went to the Gymnasium (high school). These important chapters in his life can be discovered on the trail by bike and by foot. Pursuant to tradition, the young Leichhardt walked this way many times.

Stroll on the Leichhardt trail, alongside fields, meadows and forests and take part on guided walking-tours between Spreewald and Schwielochsee. Discover Leichhardt’s home and the unspoiled nature between the biggest Brandenburg sea and the second largest city of Brandenburg.

Follow the link and discover the route guidance of the Leichhardt-trail.

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