Research group Ludwig Leichhardt

After the failure of the project "German-Australian Leichhardt association" by the office (Amt) Lieberose/Oberspreewald, chaired by the office (Amt) director Bernd Boschan, was the Leichhardt research group established in 2013, which meets on a regular basis since 2008. From the beginning, efforts were made to include the greater community Tauche, chaired by Mayor Gerd May, and to occupy the chair of the research group on a parity basis. By the society Ludwig Leichhardt in Trebatsch the allegory was established: "The locomotive, which brought the train for the preparations of the 200th birthday of Ludwig Leichhardt 2013 into rolling, was the Office (Amt) Lieberose/Oberspreewald under the engine driver Bernd Boschan. It is now important that the other municipalities and associations to couple their wagons on the train, so that we can reach the destination together."

Invited to these consultations are inter alia responsible representative of the Australian embassy, decision-makers of the counties LDS and LOS as well as the tourism organizations, the Leichardt friends of Cottbus, the society Ludwig Leichhardt in Trebatsch, representatives of the Bundestag and the country and county councils.

The support by the office (Amt) Lieberose/Oberspreewald of the work of the Leichhardt-society Trebatsch in preparing the exclusive Leichhardt exhibition in Berlin was successful.

The LAG's of the counties LOS and LDS gave on the initiative of Mr Boschan and Mr Mai  the conception of developing a common approach around the museum Schwielochsee in order. Under the direction of Jeanette Gruner a study was commissioned and developed in 2010, which was presented on 16.02.2012 in Spreepark of Beeskow. This provides that there shall be three locations of a networked modern and tourist attractive Leichhardt museum around the Schwielochsee:

  • In the district town Beeskow in Spreepark,
  • In Trebatsch in the rooms of the current museums
  • And on the camp ground Ludwig Leichardt in Zaue.

The attendees gave much agreement on this plan and also some modifications.



  • Representative of the Bundestag
  • Office (Amt) Lieberose/Oberspreewald
  • Australian embassy
  • BTU Cottbus
  • Volunteers and interested residents
  • Commune Tauche
  • Country Brandenburg
  • County Dahme Spreewald
  • Ludwig Leichhardt (UrUrNephew)
  • Society "Ludwig Leichhardt Trebatsch e.V."
  • Ludwig Leichhardt Oberschule (high school) Goyatz
  • St. Mary’s protestant church (Marienkirche) of the community Zaue
  • Natural science club e.V.
  • Spreewald club
  • City council Cottbus
  • Tourism developing society Lieberose/Oberspreewald mbH
  • Tourism association Seenland
  • Tourism association Spreewald